Introducing the physical activities modes

BeatTune introduces the activities as a way to reflect your current fitness level. We have three main physical activities:

  • Resting recommended for actions requiring mild exertion.
  • Moderate recommended for actions that require moderate physical effort.
  • Intense recommended for actions that require high physical exertion.

Tap anywhere on your screen to switch easily among the activities.

BeatTune Options

An alarm system to keep you on target

Every time that your heart rate readings exceeds its normal limits BeatTune warns you. Sending you notifications about irregularities detected for your current physical activity even if the app is not open in your Apple Watch or your iPhone.

BeatTune Warning Screenshot
iWatch Warning Message
80 Resting
BeatTune iPhone Screenshot

Automatic detection of your current physical activity

We detect your current physical activity automatically for you, so that notifications about irregularities when BeatTune is not open are as accuratte as possible.

Relevant readings on your iPhone

You can see all the relevants readings detected by physical activities on your iPhone.

  • Ordered by lows and highs.
  • Swipe left to delete any readings.
BeatTune iPhone Screenshot

Syncronized all the time with your iPhone

All the heart rate readings will be seen on your iPhone too. You can even switch among activities and receive the alerts when your measurements exceed their normal limits.

Everything is synchronized between your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

BeatTune iPhone Screenshot

Available in these languages

When BeatTune reads your heart rate compared to your age and current activity, it will alert you if your rate is too high


...let you now display the range in which your heart rate reading should move at best, and warn when the field is exited.


BeatTune is not just any heart rate monitor app for the Apple Watch. This app does more...


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