BeatTune, designed especially for the Apple Watch, has been created aim to enhance lives and heighten awareness. Using the Apple Watch specialized inbuilt sensors, you can carefully monitor any heart rate irregularities, leading to a heightened sense of awareness and premature heart defect diagnosis. The question is, how would you deconstruct the numbers thrown up by the readings?

The heart rate readings considered normal for a person vary according to the age of the user and the physical activity that is done at the moment of the measurement.

Determining if your heart rate is healthy can be a tedious process for even an expert.

BeatTune processes readings and does this job for you, the application shows you if your heart rate readings are in line with the type of activity you are doing and highlights any irregularities that show up. A personalized alarm system is also built into the application to help motivate users whilst exercising, whilst simultaneously picking up any moments the heart rate exceeds its normal limits.



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Pavel Prendes

Release Date
November 3, 2015

iOS 9.0+, watchOS2